Service Area

Provide customers with comprehensive, high-quality, standardized services.

Agent support
After-sales service

Agent application process

Channel cooperation model

Weitu Hongda's business covers China and all over the world. With its channel-first business model, complete project reporting system, complete training and empowerment system and worry-free pre-sales and after-sales services, Vitto Hongda has truly become the first choice for channel partners. Strong alliances and strong support.


Channel cooperation support & service system

1. Sales support

Help partners establish standardized management (including sales management, implementation management, and service management)

2. Training and empowerment

Sales within the same group enjoy the same online training certification system & offline channel business empowerment

3. Pre-sales support

Pre-sales solution support, on-site and remote project pre-sales support

4. Professional team

Strong scientific and technological research and development capabilities and perfect technical support system

5. Service support

Remote service support Submit questions online

6. Implementation support

Provide successful implementation cases, product training courseware, operation training videos, etc. in key industries and fields

7. Market support

Marketing promotion of product lines to bring more sales opportunities to partners and expand new markets

8. Policy support

More incentive policies to improve product cost-effectiveness and partners’ profit margins

9. Business opportunity protection

Project registration and business opportunity protection create a fair market environment for partners


Cooperation requirements

Qualifications - have independent legal personality and good business reputation;

Resources - Have a broad market base, user resources and strong brand appeal in the region or industry;

Capability - We have full-time sales staff and technical staff who can provide users with service capabilities that are in line with our company's service system.