Products are widely used in communications, energy, electric power, transportation, medical care, finance, municipal administration, fire protection, chemical industry, industrial manufacturing, aerospace and other industries.

Industrial Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Industry, as the main body of the development of the real economy, includes many basic industries and pillar products such as manufacturing, metallurgy, petrochemicals, steel, coal, electricity, etc. Due to the large number of applications of various precision equipment in the industrial field and the generally harsh industrial environment, A UPS with higher quality and stronger environmental adaptability is needed.

Rail transit industry solutions

With the rapid development of modern transportation such as highways, subways, railways, and aviation, various data storage, sharing, applications, and transmissions increasingly rely on power supply systems; in addition, a large number of sites along transportation roads are far away from towns and cities, and power supply The effect cannot be guaranteed. UPS is flexible in capacity expansion and reliable in use...

Energy and power industry solutions

Energy is divided into traditional energy industries such as coal, oil and gas, and electricity, and new energy industries such as solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, ocean energy, biomass energy, and nuclear fusion energy. However, whether it is traditional energy or new energy, the objects of power protection are energy offices and energy equipment. UPS can ensure sufficient backup time to...

Medical Industry Solutions

In modern medical care, UPS power supply has become a necessary equipment. UPS power supply provides reliable power guarantee for medical facilities and ensures the stable operation of medical equipment. In medical facilities, UPS power supplies can also meet power requirements for other purposes, including emergency power supply, reducing equipment failure rates, protecting important data, and increasing equipment service life...