ODM/OEM business


We provide customized solutions tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industry and the characteristics of high security requirements. In order to better adapt to the requirements of terminal equipment and systems, we can customize products such as UPS power supplies, inverters, batteries, and other products suitable for different manufacturing equipment to meet their special needs for power support.

With our expertise, industry experience, and product resources, we provide a diversified OEM/ODM cooperation model and a standard process for rapid customization of systems, tailoring the highest quality solutions for you.


We provide:

1、Multiple ODM collaboration methods, quick product solutions with optional customized

menus, and standard processes

2、High quality product platform and personalized appearance accessories

3、Provide manufacturing professional technical support and industry supply chain price advantage


Differentiated Content:

1、Appearance customization

2、Logo customization

3、Monitoring page customization